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Business minded... what does that mean?

I have been doing my business for sometime now and by sometime it feels like an Eternity! Growing a business of any kind has its moments of WTH am I doing!!! While I write this my husbands tells me how bad he wants a meat lovers supreme pizza... lol this is my life.. in a nut shell

ok but really how does one grow a business? Well you can pay to have it grow with followers but will those new shiny followers actually buy from you? you can look at others and think 🤔 hmmm I could do that, but do you have the time? you could research for days even weeks of free content and trial and error. Yes that one sounds good to me lol. so here is me now I am researching all the ways I can expand and grow my business. So many things sound very attractive to me and I feel like I am kid in the candy store. The cold hard truth is I am about to dive into the unknown and that’s ok. As much as I would love to take a class that lays everything out for me, it just isn’t in the cards. I have to give myself a win for the fact I made it this far! I have already figured out how to join Amazon for affiliate program and only offer items that I personally use. Now it’s time to move on to my next quest subscription boxes. I want to offer our items in a seasonal box for all you. I have been talking about this and I really want this to be an awesome experience for all my customer. The ground work begins as I explore this new world in hopes of providing you something that you love. Business is hard folks and I’m just like any other girl just trying to make it work. Never lose focus and never stop trying! Business isn’t for the weak if it was everyone would do it and be successful. This is just the beginning to so many things I hope to offer all of you.

blessings to all my friends !

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