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Dream Big…Work Hard ~ B.L.A.H. The Balance of Life and Happiness ~ Chapter 2

I was in college 🎓 and I graduated with honors and I was also training at the same time for a job doing dialysis. It was a difficult time I was pregnant so pregnant not gonna lie but the most magical moment of my life and the most accomplished thing that I’ve ever done and I worked my butt off for it and I hope that every person out there who sees a dream and wants something to happen for themselves they work their butts off for it.... it pays off!!!!!

I would say my life plan was all backwards. I got married, had kids then decided to go to college. The road I chose to take was much harder than the road I could have taken when I graduated high school. I graduated with a full scholarship to any college I wanted to go to in the US…. my immature ways blew that off for friends and the beach. I would say huge regret .. but I made a decision not too feel that way. Looking back I had real life experiences not always the best ones but I learned and grew up in a major way.

I would never want anyone to stop dreaming and stop going after what they truly want. If you fully believe and have faith you can accomplish way more than you ever imagined. Close your eyes create that dream and see your new accomplishments, never lose sight or that feeling of success.

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