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Gratitude is on my mind this evening and something my podcasts I listen to all talk about alot! I listen to Rachell Hollis, Jenifer Allwood and Christy Wright’s business boutique and the main thing I hear from these women is being Thankful!!! Look for what you are thankful for every where and it will become a habit and pretty soon you will see that over any bad.

Tis the season of being grateful for what you have. Guys no lie I am human my patience are tested, my ability to be good at things are tested and sometimes it can become so draining. WHY!? Well first off bad habits and self doubt. Who doesn’t go through this season of life. I am reminded big and small how simple it is to pull through even when I think i can’t. I’m reminded of the Bible verse the narrow gate those who walk through the gate that is wide and plentiful will find things easier but not better, those who walk through the narrow gate may struggle but they will find gratitude and are thankful to see their path. It’s not exactly the ver

se but it’s in my version of the verse and it reminds me constantly of what I need to think about with every struggle everything that I am feeling from happinesses to sadness. I share this thought today in case someone has been let down, hurt or just tormented by their own demise. The worst critique is yourself and the only person who can change that outlook well.. is you! Here is to you and creating habits of love, self worth and happiness because we all have this inside of us. blessings

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