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Having Chickens

Updated: May 27, 2020

When we moved back to Texas it was a part of plan to have some animals. We started with chickens I ended acquiring a chicken from a friend and that set the whole thing in motion. I have about four generations so far and find chickens highly addicting. I usually get my baby chicks in the spring. We also started ducks last year. I just started to allow them to run around the property and they are loving life. I have such a colorful batch of eggs we collect daily.

Having our own chickens and collecting eggs has been such a treat. We feed our chickens a scratch grain as well as a high protein feed. We do give them leftover scrap veggies and those are more as a treat.

This year we added new bantam babies to the flock.

Which can be seen in some of our videos we have on YouTube. These guys are doing great and we can’t wait to see them grow. Hopefully soon we will be adding in some more ducks as well.

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