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Hold yourself accountable

How many times in life do we hold ourselves accountable? How many times do we expect everyone else around us to hold us accountable? How many times do we question our capability in life? How many times do we feel like we’re failing the people we love the most?

How many times do you question yourself on a daily basis? If we constantly go through life questioning ourselves and not trusting our gut feeling then what are we really doing?

Are y’all ready for this. Sometimes it seems as though we question everything that we do. Why? If you find yourself stuck in this season I am here to say it is so normal. By no means am I anyone to say or give any professional advice. I am simply a human being with feelings like anyone else. If you are married with kids sometimes the overwhelming feeling of being a great wife and mom can cloud your ability to really be that great wife or mom. when I started college I was married with 4 kids and I was in my 30’s. The one thing I remember most was a coworker who of course was younger no kids and not married say the best thing a person who was married and with kids was“you have to start somewhere, even if it’s just one class at a time, before you know it you will be done”. At this season in my life I was so not open to believing this. One class turned into 4years of hard work and tons of essays. I would love to end this bit with yes I finished but unfortunately life has it ways of interrupting the progression. While I sit with a half way bachelors degree and minor in general psychology I find myself not holding back my ability or dreams of better version of myself. My life has not been easy and it was simply because my choices in life made it hard. Struggle and sacrifice are something that I have come to be comfortable with. But is this any way to live? So many people I follow and yes I do consider my mentors say not only in business but in life have expressed the message of when do you plan on changing this ! See I have no one to blame for those struggles or sacrifices, expect myself. So here is what I decided to do. I decided to hold myself accountable. I decided to take responsibility for everything in my life. I decided to focus more on what means the most to me, my husband my kids and their well-being. I decided this life I choose to live is more meaningful than anything in the world. here’s the reason why I’m given one chance. One chance to live the life that I‘m meant to live. I’m given the opportunity once and I’m not taking it for granted. Every day I wake up now I push away the comfort of sacrifice and struggle and I fill that with happiness and gratitude. I look at the things around me and realize every single thing I have ever dreamt of is right in front of me. My degree may not be finished, But I’m not giving up and neither should anyone else.

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