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Inspiration and Isolation

It’s crazy to see how much our world has changed. I look at old photos such as this one

And think just a few short months ago my babies laid in my bed while I knitted and read a book to me. Not a care in the world except how I wish my weekends could be longer. Many people have been home for months due to closures of every kind. This for us has only been a few weeks. While many struggles for us came from this shift we have slowly started to adapt to our new routine.

Getting back into the swing of things

I decided I would start working on some new headbands and what is now called face mask adaptor. I have always switched between knitting and crocheting simply because at some point I will favor one over the other. I am so happy I have the ability to do this because every attempt to crochet the simplest pattern in world I tried looked like crap to me. Call me perfectionist but it was not something I would even give my dog. So after several attempts that ended in error I decided to switch to knitting them, and let’s just say I must be in a season to knit right now.

Live shows on Facebook

While I pop on from time to time mostly cooking I do this to say Hi to you all and see what everyone is up to. I broke down my shop a couple of weeks ago so we can revamp the area. I was not expecting it to take this long and now I am not sure when I will be out there. My plan is even if it’s not complete I can still hop on and show you a lot of new items we have up for sale.

Website got me ughhhhh!

I am not tech savvy and I have the easiest website program .. at least I think I do. However with the kids homeschooling and using data that leaves me with my cell phone which does not like my website program. I am limited on the things I can do and look forward to a revamp on some items in the near future. it’s just gonna be one day at time right now.


I have found so many inspirational things around me lately. My family for one has been awesome, to see them pull together and help each other out. My home while not the newest or fanciest it’s still a home. Sunshine!! without this we would go crazy being inside all the time. Animals have been of our family but we are now expanding. One of goats just had a twins And one more will birth late April.... I think. Of course pictures and talk of this is to come. We have a mini farm is what I like to call it. Chickens, Ducks, goats and dogs. We can get into talks on this soon I just need to get my blogging in gear here.


I have no trouble being isolated after living in the city most of my life. Having what and who matters most around me doesn’t really seem like isolation. What I mean by this is all I need is my family.

All of this has taught me a valuable lesson! Not to take for granted what I DO have. Hard work is simply hard work and if you want something bad enough prayer and not giving up are what you hold onto most. Never allowing judgement this one is very hard because I judge myself the hardest even before someone has a chance too. However being judged is something I fall weak too. I will make videos and blogs and never post them because I don’t want to be judged. That’s not ok. Ok so this is where I am at work today. I guess sometimes I wanna write write Dear Diary WTF.. hahah but it’s simple just pray on it. Wait for what is right. I am still building my empire and I have to pull myself away from seeing people just jump into this and next thing you know they blow up like BAM! My reminder is not everyone has this ability and it’s not ment to be mine. The sooner I accept this the sooner I can get down to business.

so what’s next .... we’ll stay tuned to see what we have in store.

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