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Random thought 💭

I used to write all the time when I was younger and then one day I just stopped. I had an event occur in my life that made look differently at the pen and paper, loosing my passion towards writing or expressing myself. I never really shared my writing with others simply because I felt it wasn’t good enough. Fast forward to has changed that here we are blogging.. 😯 wow. I have a work journal where I put my goals, accomplishments and so much more... I am still a pen to paper gal! so my random thought is this

What if covid happened to bring us together, but not in fear. What if all of this was ment to be because some how with society we lost touch with one another and drifted to a direction of isolation. The isolation we feel today isn’t that we are alone, but alone with our family, thoughts and even ourselves. Welcome to the re-evaluation of oneself and life as you planned or even thought it was.

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