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The opportunity bus

Life lessons….. stick with me I promise I have a point.

Nothing is just handed to you without hard work and having pride in yourself. I used to think 🧐 the opportunity buss would just run me over every time I wanted something. Nope 👎 it cruised by with its passengers hanging out with the window like it was the ultimate party buss.

Younger years I would become discouraged and question my hard work and pride in myself.

Old age has taught me that the opportunity buss was always there I just had to work harder than most. The thing is if I hadn’t wanted something so bad and really pushed myself I wouldn’t appreciate it.

I have always started from the bottom and it used to bother me, but now I use that to grow my skill and acknowledge the ability to learn. Never think because it’s less than others , instead think 🤔 man the things I am going to learn. That opportunity buss did hit me, but not how I thought it would.

Stay positive my friends 🤩

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