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What are those patches-Thrive

I convinced my husband to join me on a journey of the unknown and little skeptical 🤨. We signed up to le-vel through a friend and 6years later thinking let’s just try and see. To our amazement we found that doing the thrive 1,2,3 capsule, shake and DFT we had more energy and felt focused. Our coffee intake has gone down where an entire pot would be drank in an hour. The energy level we needed just wasn’t there with coffee. After being a thriver for a month now it has shown us this is the real deal. Yes many look and see it and say oh that’s for weight lose, and true it can help with weight management, however this was not my sole purpose. As I am aging I see a decline in metabolism, lack of motivation, and focus. Is it old age or just me? Well I would say both. If you feel like this or want to try this out it’s simple and easy. You can really see the difference give it a try at least 1 month it’s worth it.

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