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Trending 2020 summer colors with a twist

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

The trending colors for 2020 according my favorite source of looking things up on well.... the internet.

I was curious to see what the top trending colors for summer are for 2020, this is what I found

My search came back with many different options.

Flame Scarlet

Faded Denim

Biscay Green

Coral Pink


Other options I saw said:


Fiery Red

Oh, here it is again Flame Scarlet

Flame Orange

Orange Peel

Saffron oh here again.

Cinnamon stick and it continued on and on with almost every color you could think of in the crayon box. For me looking at this list and not going further to keep my sanity, I would say the top two colors mentioned are Flame Scarlet and Saffron.

​I find that people have a favorite color and then they have a favorite color to wear. You know that friend who like to decorate her house with silver and turquoise but wears mostly black and gray. Trending colors should fall under a personal preference; I always find it interesting to know who or what makes a color trend?

When I was younger, I wanted this jacket from the GAP so bad. When I discovered it I was with a group of friends, who I felt at the time had everything and got everything they wanted. Therefore, when my friends made a big deal over it all wishing they could get it; I knew I had to have that jacket. I was given the responsibility to keep hold of debt card when I was 13 years, that day I bought a 200 dollar GAP jacket just to impress my friends.  You know I wore that jacket maybe once, and those friends I was trying to impress well they never stuck around to see me wear it. Now you would have thought I had learned my lesson, but NO!. Round two happened with a different group of friends and an Urban Outfitters mix match bikini bathing suit. My mom about knocked my head off both times. Needless to say the second time around I returned the bathing suit and then returned my so-called friends.

Moral to this post who cares what color or fashion is trending, the main thing is do you like it? What is trending with you?

Until Next time have a blessed day !!

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