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Who do you follow?

I mentioned that I follow Jennifer Allwood so check out here podcast below. She not only has given me so much inspiration but she has and I mean literally wrote me back and spoke to me personally on my Instagram!!!! Can I say when she did I was like Whattttttttt! OMG 😳 I seriously listened over and over again and told all my family and had a freak out moment. Yes I am a fan girl of Jennifer Allwood.

Here is why I like Jennifer Allwood so much...

She is real ... umm she is huge and spoke to little oh me personally.

Even before all this I loved her prayer and business ethic which for me is very important.

She listens to her community. I couldn’t afford her full class and commented this and she opened up spots for a lesser amount and I was able to get help from my mentor . So if you need a boost of God, prayer and business follow my all time favorite mentor Jennifer Allwood!! She doesn’t know she is mentor yet but hey in My mind she drives me to greatness!!! have a blessed day ☺️


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