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Hey Hey my Fabulous People

Updated: May 9, 2022

Well I am truly excited about our new beginnings and advancing our website, I mean why not it’s available... right! Ok let’s get some things straightened out first though

1) I am not a grammatically correct writer! This will become obvious very quickly

2) I write how I talk and talk to everyone like they are my friend. So welcome friend 👋

3) my thoughts are so random so don’t be worried if at any point and time I make absolutely no sense.

ok now that we have that out of the way and you know what your getting yourself into, I leave it to you to keep reading.

I feel it only appropriate to discuss where HandMadends started so let’s get to it. By the way autocorrect often makes me look brilliant or like a 2year old typing I apologize in advance.

Anywho I learned my skills of knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. Developed those skills over years and when I was in my 20’s the thought to sell my projects online became a thing for me. I started on eBay l and then went to Etsy. It was about 2years ago I decided to collaborate with my mom And 1year ago my grandma joined the crew. Since then we have come along way and even though it’s not exactly where I want to be, it’s insane to see the growth we have had. I work this everyday and I do mean every single day. I work a full time job, come home greet my husband and 4kids find out how their day went, make dinner, pick up the house and then begin working my business. Yes I do this every day. Don’t get me wrong I have my lazy days as well and usually I just plop down in my chair grab a knitting or crocheting project and veg out. The main point of HandMadends is family! we come together as a family to make items and we treat our customers like family. This didn‘t occur to me at first even though all the signs were there in plain site. See I had a name for the business but just a year ago figured out what my logo would be.That logo and the events that led up to it became a bigger meaning for me than I could have ever known. you see my grandpa became ill and I came across a picture of a tree it read “Like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions but our roots bring us together” wow this spoke to me on many levels. I had moved back to my home area reunited with my family and we all came together over my grandpa.

This is a hard year for all of us the first of not having him around as we come together to celebrate the holiday. For me I think of the things that occurred not only in my life but how it changed the business, and how our logo became such a meaningful blessing. Handmadends started in 2008 but for me its journey began 2years ago with purpose and meaning. So when you ask me who is HandMadends I will say to you it’s family!

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